The Mission

Protecting the most important innovation asset – you.

The Leadership Vortex

No One Said Innovation Was Easy

But no one said how hard it actually would be, either. 

When you’re making the big decisions, it feels like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. It’s intense.

Often you’re awake at night, mind racing, terrified that one wrong move could cause everything you’ve built to suddenly fall apart.

Your company, your reputation, your mission constantly feel like they’re at stake.

And that’s just the normal days. What about when you and your vision are facing imminent threats from a potential crisis? 

You’re already at full capacity with daily demands, so breaking your focus can mean lost progress and profit, not to mention more time and energy that’s already spent.

You feel trapped, stuck in that vicious cycle, and all the while, the stakes just keep getting higher and higher.

It’s an isolating feeling, knowing that the buck stops with you and one misstep could be catastrophic. Who can actually understand the pressure you’re under and give you the real truth you need to navigate this minefield? 

You’re desperate for someone in your corner who gets it, someone who can untangle this mess so you can make the right choices with confidence. 

Beyond Brand Protection

Outsource Your Uncertainty

Innovative Problem Solving

Navigate and overcome intense high-stakes situations with ease.

Strategic Negotiation

Know that you are over-prepared for any negotiation with tailored training.

Cultural Shift Strategies

Effective solutions to foster and sustain true cultural innovation.

Emotional and Strategic Intelligence

Comprehensive guidance to handle both strategic and emotional complexities.

You would never consider your work and your vision as “ordinary” which makes finding the right assistance that much harder since the majority of your executive coaches and mentors are all catering to the status quo. 

Your unique challenges deserve unique bespoke solutions that unlock the truth of what’s really going on and how to deal with it in the most simple and sophisticated way possible. 

GenZen Solutions specializes in providing elegant solutions for the complex problems that keep leaders like you up at night. The unique framework applies to any leadership challenge, no matter how thorny or multifaceted. 

Together, through incisive questioning and deep listening, we get to the heart of the matter quickly, employing broad expertise – spanning negotiation, culture-building, critical problem-solving and more – to craft a bespoke solution that unlocks the results you need.

With GenZen Solutions as your trusted partner, you gain:

Highest priority privacy and discretion from beginning to successful resolution.  

Clarity and confidence to make high-stakes decisions.

A proven system to break down any problem into manageable parts.

A dedicated partner to expand your own leadership capacity.

Choose What You Need

Bespoke Leadership Advisory

This is an immersive coaching and advisory hybrid for the leader who wants to radically change their experiences and outcomes.This is best for people who want to transform their own personal culture and co-design the cultural innovation strategy they need for their work.

• 6 month minimum agreement

• Bi-weekly video sessions

• Weekly check-ins via encrypted messaging

• 24/7 access via encrypted messaging to solve or answer anything being experienced. (24hr response at the latest)

• Emergency or special sessions available as needed each month

• Custom resources and strategies developed just for you based on your situation and needs.

Personalized Critical Intelligence

This is a specialized service designed to reveal the threats and imminent risks to the company and their mission.

This service makes it simple to outsource the uncertainty of the crisis to elite professionals who will uncover the truth and create intelligent strategies on how to proceed.

• Exclusive human intelligence resources  

• Weekly checkins and updates as operations are conducted

• Full reports on both intelligence gathered and strategic next steps are provided

• Solution implementation assistance available

Innovation Development Partnership

This is only for people or companies who have qualified as partners with GenZen Solutions. This is an exclusive partnership that is best for companies or people looking to design innovative ways to move into new markets, create connections with hard to find resources, contacts, and networks. 

• Invite or referral only

• Innovative solutions to obtain your objectives

• International network access


Who Is GenZen Solutions?

Your Strategic Innovation Partner

I’m Adam King, the founder and Chief Innovation Strategist.

As an innovator by nature, I understand the pitfalls and challenges that get in the way of a passionate vision and mission.

It’s no small thing, choosing to innovate aspects of a broken culture. 

In fact, it’s life-altering. Not always in a good way. It can take a heavy toll on you and your team.

GenZen Solutions is more than an executive coaching service – it’s your secret weapon and trusted confidante when the stakes are highest. 

Having spent over fifteen years in the trenches of business, human behavior, and specialized intelligence, guiding leaders and organizations through pivotal moments of change and uncertainty, I designed GenZen to be the most adaptive framework for solving complex crises fast and for good. 

The GenZen methodology is built on a foundation of trust, discretion, and unwavering support. It’s vital to provide a judgment-free space for you to process challenges, fears and aspirations.

When you partner with GenZen Solutions, you gain a trusted ally who is as invested in your vision as you are.

From strategic communication planning and leadership coaching to crisis management and thought leadership support, all tailored to the needs of cultural innovators like you.

Whether you need a crash course in negotiation before a crucial deal, an outside perspective on a thorny personnel issue, or a steady hand to guide you through a crisis, GenZen is your Solution. 

It’s not just about protecting your brand, GenZen Solutions is designed to protect your brand’s greatest asset – you. 

Take 5 Minutes

No-Risk Strategy Session

In 5 minutes you can claim your spot on the waitlist for your no-risk strategy session to discuss your needs, get objective strategies on your situation, and maybe even solve your most pressing issue. 

Your privacy and security are paramount. Your information is kept secure and only between you and GenZen.