Taking Back Their Power

A client came to us after they entered into an arrangement only to discover the other party were prolific scammers.

Unfortunately the client discovered this a little too late and they were thrown into unjust litigation initiated by the unethical company owner.

To make it worse, the judge overseeing the case, had completely overlooked all evidence our client presented proving the ill intent of the scammer. As a result, our client was facing certain bankruptcy unless a new deal could be created, and fast.

We evaluated all communications, legal documents, profiled all parties involved, and collaborated with the client to create a new communication strategy in negotiating a take-it-or-leave-it scenario that left the unethical company with no other choice but to accept the new terms. Thus, saving our client nearly $10k upfront as well as preventing at least $150k in total losses.

As a result of this new deal, and without the looming threat of losing everything to an unethical predator, our client was able easily mitigate the damage and launch several new ventures that are resulting in significant business growth.

From Zero To 200M

Imagine the pressure of needing to lead one of the most significant negotiations of your career and having no experience to fall back on. 

 That’s exactly what a client was facing when they reached out. 

 We obtained a 360 degree view of the whole situation through the Discovery Process. From there we co-created a skills-based process the client would use for the key stages of the negotiation. And we provided crucial strategies of approach for those skills as they were applied. On top of that we provided them with 24/7 support access for any situations as they arose in real time. 

Over the course of the negotiation the client would provide feedback as they initiated the skills and strategies so we could make necessary adjustments as needed, again in real time. 

 When the dust settled the client could proudly say they closed a contract close to 200M USD. How’s that for a first time win? 

COVID Remote Strategy

At the height of the pandemic a client reached out to discuss what would need to be considered in moving their entire in-office company to 100% remote during the lockdowns. 

In discussing this with them it was revealed that the plan needed to be put together within the next couple of days and implemented ASAP. Otherwise the CEO was threatening to furlough the entire staff. 

So we turned an informal meeting into a high priority strategy session. 

We started with the basics of what remote teams need to thrive – tools, apps, and most importantly methodologies and strategies. 

We focused most of our attention to designing exactly how each day needed to flow. Communication protocols, team meetings, handling requests, client care…we left no stone unturned in examine the entire ecosystem of the client’s world and how to transition it smoothly into remote operations. 

The client was supported through the whole implementation process with 24/7 access to real-time answers and solutions, making the whole transition as painless as possible.  

What resulted was a very easy transition for everyone, including the CEO, everyone kept their jobs, and the company maintained it’s customer accounts in one of modern history’s most uncertain events. 

And this strategy was all developed over the phone in under an hour. Thanks to GenZen’s proprietary processes and frameworks.

Potential Investor Or Persistent Fraudster

The advisor for a prominent member of government reached out as they were being approached by potential investors for a new innovative business venture. The government official was on board, but the advisor had serious concerns. 

After obtaining both financial due diligence reports and full open source intelligence reports, the information was carefully profiled and analyzed to uncover potential behavioral threats to the humanitarian business mission of the government official. 

When the truth was revealed, the potential investor indeed had very questionable business arrangements including involvement in one of the largest global financial scandals of the last decade. As well as potentially damaging personality aspects that would be an immediate threat to the business and it’s funding. 

In the end, the business initiative was protected and a potential disaster avoided thanks to the full extent of Behavior Due Diligence. 

Investigation Preparation

Imagine waking up one day with a message requesting you prepare to participate in a federal level investigation. That’s exactly what happened to a client and we jumped into action to ensure they remained safe and their business unaffected. 

A client reached out after it was revealed that one of their customers had attempted to coerce the company into participating in fraud. Thankfully the government was aware and enlisted our client to provide crucial testimony when needed. 

You can imagine how this would be unsettling for an executive and their company. So we stepped in and worked closely with the client to create a simple list of people and resources they needed to enlist to protect their legal and reputational positions. 

Then, over the course of several weeks, we created a simple set of protocols that the client would need to follow to ensure this investigation didn’t disrupt the flow of existing business as they needed to focus on preparation. 

Our understanding of different levels of global governmental work aided in helping our client fully understand what it would be like to participate and how the experience would play out. Which immediately put the client at ease and helped them work openly with the investigation as needed. 

In the end, justice was served, our client’s business and reputation remained unaffected, and the whole experience led to more sophisticated client screening processes for the client’s company. 

Uncertainty is expensive.

How much will you let it cost you this time?