About GenZen

Since 2017 GenZen has been turning chaotic, uncertain, high-stakes problems into simple, solvable opportunities of growth and sophistication.

GenZen partners with critical thinkers and cultural innovators – people and orgs daring to challenge the status quo – and supports them with human-centered solutions to the problems that threaten their vision and work.

Solutions that protect what you’ve built and get you the outcomes you need.


Ethos & Values

Communication creates outcomes. If you need to ensure a specific outcome you need to ensure you communicate in a specific manner to engineer that outcome.

As the collective abilities of critical communication continue to decline, GenZen strives to give true change-makers access to the proven frameworks of empathetic powerful communication that solve problems and create desired outcomes.


  • Radial Honesty in all communication.
  • Sophistication is paramount outcome.
  • The quality of the solution is proportionate to the quality of information.
  • Every conflict is an opportunity for new agreements.

Humanity-First Methodology 

GenZen uses a human-first approach to understanding, and solving issues. Every conflict, crisis, and high-stakes problem is a human issue at it’s core. 

With a deep understanding of human behavior, persuasion, and communication we get to the root of the issue, engineer the most effective solution, and even design the communication that will get you the solutions you need.

GenZen also offers exclusive coaching and advising for individual leaders to build a presence that ensures you’re an elite decision maker and communicator – in ways that enables your people to do their best work and ensure your vision grows safely and securely.

“What I love about Adam’s methods of expertise is simple; he’s powerful and effective. My outcomes have a lasting affect that I can utilize in not only big negotiations but daily conversations after working with him. Having an elite advisor who understands how I personally navigate the world, people and myself – then customizing it accordingly for me to be the most effective and efficient. Priceless.”

– K. Artist and Entrepreneur from Washington D.C. 

About The Founder

I’m Adam King. Founder and strategic partner.

I’ve been involved in human behavior, investigation, and communication for well over 20 years. My life track has been adventurous, varied, and not exactly running in a clear path. I’ve had many roles in many disciplines.

I’m an explorer and investigator at heart, with a background in persuasive communication, corporate intel, design, human behavior, just to name a few. 

This work began as an experiment in 2017. But honestly I’ve been doing it quietly for 15 years. I just didn’t take it seriously enough to bring it to the public eye.

What was a personal philosophy quickly proved to be extremely effective for leaders in very chaotic situations – bringing them out of that chaos and into a powerful presence that gave them back the control and focus. Over time, this work morphed and adapted to become what it is currently.

Solving the problems that prevent critical thinkers and cultural innovators from doing their best work is what GenZen does best. Both as a philosophy of leadership, and as a facilitator of those solutions.

Uncertainty is expensive.

How much will you let it cost you this time?